Most moms join the MOMS Club® of Carmel - East for two reasons: to provide an opportunity for their children to meet other kids and to meet other moms themselves. Our mission is to offer a variety of opportunities to achieve these goals.
PLAYGROUPS - A small group of moms and their kids that get together on a regular basis (most weekly). Groups are generally formed based on children's ages. A great opportunity to share the experiences, fears and joys that motherhood brings with each new stage of your child's development. Plus, it's a great way to make fantastic friends.
CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES - Our children's activities give kids a chance to meet other kids, to learn a new skill or mostly to have fun. We offer a variety of activities for each age group from infants, toddlers, preschool and on. Many activities are free (such as park days and stroller socials), while others have admission fees (usually nominal).
MONTHLY MEETING - The monthly meeting (the first Wednesday of the month) is an opportunity for moms to get together and hear what's going on with the MOMS Club®. It also gives our kids a chance to play and socialize. Childcare is provided in the church nursery. The childcare is run by members on a volunteer basis.
SEASONAL PARTIES - More festive than our regular monthly meetings, we have seasonal parties a few times a year. These events include special crafts, activities and treats for the kids.
OUTREACH PROGRAM - You just delivered your first child, you're utterly exhausted and you're not sure which way is up. Welcome to motherhood. You have plenty to worry about, so let us take one worry off your list. The Outreach Program is for moms who just had a child (whether it's your first child or your fifth), or have been put on bedrest or have a family illness to contend with. At your request, we will deliver delicious meals to your doorstep (dessert too!). You just pick the dates.
MOMS' ACTIVITIES - While your child is no doubt the center of your universe, we all need a little time focused on our own interests. We hold cookie swaps, breakfast club, and other special interest events. Also, we offer a monthly MOMS' Night Out!
SERVICE PROJECTS - As a chapter of the International MOMS Club®, we are chartered to complete at least one charitable, humanitarian or social welfare project related to children each year. Specifically, the MOMS Club© of Carmel - East has set out to support others in Hamilton county and to promote the health and welfare of children and their families.
NEWSLETTER - The place to find out what's going on every month - includes new members, new babies, the activity calendar for the month, our latest service project, the agenda for the monthly meeting, as well as information about local events and local services and businesses. Delivered fresh to your email!